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Which stones to associate with celestite or celestite?

Bérangère Maniglier

Posted on February 01 2023

Celestine, also called celestite , is a natural stone whose beauty of its crystals is comparable to a sky without shade. It is called "the stone of the angels".

Celestine strengthens the meditative state . It thus helps to clarify the mind in order to find answers to its questions.

celestinecelestine geode Célestine or Célestite, the stone of the Angels

What chakras is celestite associated with?

Celestine is associated with the throat chakra, the energy center of communication and expression. It also corresponds to the heart chakra, the seat of love and compassion towards oneself and others, as well as the third eye chakra linked to the mind, intuition and extra-sensory abilities.

What astrological signs is celestite or celestite associated with?

The vibrations of celestite are favorable to all the signs but in astrology, celestite is particularly suitable for the natives of Aquarius and Pisces . These two signs are famous for their rigidity. This natural stone by its benefits in lithotherapy, allows them to broaden their horizons in order to make them gain in open-mindedness and tolerance. They are also particularly recommended for people born under the sign of cancer .

What are the stones that can be associated with celestite or celestite?

In lithotherapy, celestite can be combined with stones with similar properties . We will therefore favor stones acting on the mind, intuition, and the development of extra-sensory abilities. This is the case of rock crystal , amethyst , and more generally stones connected to the third eye chakra, such as lapis lazuli , larimar or tanzanite.

This chakra also has dark blue stones such as hawk's eye , labradorite , blue aventurine, blue apatite , sodalite , sapphire.

Finally, Celestine can also be combined with stones from the same geological environment such as pyrite , fluorite or pink quartz .

I hope you have learned something about this magnificent natural stone of a celestial blue...

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