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What are the stones that attract love?

Bérangère Maniglier

Posted on February 02 2023

On this eve of Valentine's Day, you are certainly wondering which stones attract love?

When it comes to love, rose quartz is probably the most popular crystal of all. Thanks to its unique vibrations with the heart chakra, rose quartz opens the doors of communication, forgiveness and compassion towards oneself and towards others.

pink quartzRose quartz heartPolished rose quartz

But there are others...related to the heart or throat chakra.

What are the pink colored stones that symbolize love?

Pink natural stones are soft stones of love, affection and tenderness, which heal emotional wounds.

Rose quartz, symbol of love

It is the most common and appropriate natural stone for finding love. Rose quartz is a stone of softness, which soothes, reassures and brings emotional security. Recommended for both singles and couples, rose quartz brings peace and eases tension. This precious stone allows you to dissociate yourself from the jealousy, resentment and anger that can be maintained in a relationship. It thus makes it possible to establish the bases necessary for the development of healthy love relationships.

Rose quartz is known to be the stone of couples , it promotes communication and emotional balance. To increase its effects, we recommend that you wear rose quartz as a pendant, very close to the heart chakra.

Rose quartz pendant rose quartz necklace Natural rose quartz pendant

Rose quartz attracts positive feelings such as love, inner peace or serenity.

Rhodonite for a good start to a new relationship

Rhodonite is pink and white in color, it is connected to love but to self-love. It brings esteem, heals emotional wounds, an essential thing before looking for love. Finding yourself, healing before moving forward, is a job to be done before you want to start a new romantic relationship. By regaining self-confidence, we regain confidence in others and thus this will allow us to move forward more serenely. Rhodonite thus brings serenity and balance, when necessary, to restore trust and communication in a romantic relationship . Connected to the heart chakra, this gemstone prefers gentleness and tenderness over jealousy and anger. It's also perfect if you're shy and don't dare talk to people you don't know.

Rhodonite bracelet, moonstone, crystalRhodonite and turquoise bracelet Rhodonite Bracelet Rhodonite bracelets

Rhodochrosite is also pink but with black spots. Varying from raspberry pink to rosy red, this crystal not only carries the color of love, but also evokes it. Strongly associated with the heart chakra, this natural stone makes you alive , loving , positive and spontaneous . It is also used in meditation and promotes a new beginning. If you want to attract love, this is an excellent stone that will allow you to shine with others.

Rhodochrosite braceletsRhodochrosite pendant Rhodochrosite jewelry


What are the blue and green colored stones for a good love relationship?

Connected to the heart or throat chakra, blue and green colored stones act differently than pink colored ones. They are more used to take a step back from a situation and one's emotions, before acting. Opening up to others, exchanging, knowing how to communicate will make it possible to better give and better receive emotions.

Blue apatite, to communicate your emotions

Communication is essential in any relationship. Knowing how to communicate well is an important element for a romantic relationship to go well. Natural blue colored stones are connected to the throat chakra. Blue apatite , chalcedony , turquoise are all stones that will help in the expression of one's emotions.

The t urquoise facilitates the understanding and communication in the couple.

Blue apatite is a soothing stone , which calms excesses and emotional troubles. In this sense, it is recommended throughout the couple's life, to better communicate with their other half.

Blue apatite heartBlue apatite tipBlue apatite bracelets

Blue apatite stones and jewelry

Green aventurine to regain confidence

Another stone recommended in the conquest of love is aventurine . This green stone helps to gain self-confidence : this is fundamental to attract love. Indeed, before loving a person, you have to love yourself : thus, you release a confident and positive energy. It is said that aventurine is the ideal gemstone to calm a heartache since it strengthens self-love promoting inner peace and drives out negative energies. She has the ability to take a step back from a situation and thus make the best decisions for herself.

Green aventurine braceletGreen aventurine box Green aventurine jewelry and stones

Green calcite to move forward

The natural stone of green calcite is a stone that will act to unblock emotional conflicts, reduce regrets (forgetting an ex) and thus promote emotional stability.

The emerald, the romantic stone

A stone of good fortune, the emerald is an excellent stone for married couples, regardless of their years of marriage. Emerald promotes romantic love and loyalty , two essential elements for a successful long-term relationship. It is the balance of energies that helps maintain a stable relationship and encourages both partners to be forgiving, to accept responsibility, to apologize when necessary, and to love unconditionally.

And finally, the green t urmaline which is par excellence a stone of the heart chakra acting on the emotional wounds to let love in even in the most desperate cases.

Other stones that help for a harmonious love relationship or find love again

Amethyst against stress

Purple in color, amethyst is an anti-stress stone . It is the stone of peace of mind, wisdom, spirituality. It balances the mind and emotions and thus dissipates stress at the beginning of a relationship.

Long amethyst pendantamethyst pendantamethyst pendant

Garnet, the stone of passion

It is a stone of commitment that inspires love and devotion. It is the stone to light the passion And attraction . It is ideal for spicing up your current relationship. Wearing garnet or carrying it in your pocket will help you feel more desirable. An excellent stone for promoting intimacy, Garnet can increase libido and stimulate passion and romance. As for the p yrope garnet , it restores the taste for life to people suffering from a feeling abandonment in love or thinking that life is not worth living.

Moonstone for a stable relationship

Moonstone, linked to feminine energies, promotes intuition, increases sensitivity and stimulates creativity. Although moonstone is known for maternal love, it also helps establish a stable and lasting romantic relationship . The energy it gives off stimulates hormones, making you more attractive to the one whose heart you lust after. This stone is also worn when one wishes to spice up a romantic relationship. It also brings sweetness and harmony in a couple. It is connected to the sacral chakra.

Tiger's eye against toxic relationships

Yellow, orange-brown in color, it is a stone of self-confidence , allowing one to show oneself without being afraid of the judgment of others. When looking for a loved one, it is possible to come across toxic people. To avoid these harmful relationships, tiger's eye is ideal. It acts as a protective shield , repelling negative energies.

Labradorite, a protective shield

Just like tiger's eye, labradorite also has a protective power. Labradorite has the effect of increasing your power of attraction . By wearing a labradorite on oneself, it is easier to reach out to others and express one's emotions. For shy people, this stone will also push them to do things they usually don't dare to do.

Pink Topaz helps calm emotional tension that can be associated with heartbreak. Its most important virtue is its ability to generate hope .

The Herkimer Diamond is a good stone for finding hope after a breakup or divorce.

So, which stone to choose?

As you can see, there are many natural stones to attract love and all of them have different effects! If you hesitate between several minerals, choose the one that attracts you the most and towards which you feel a particular connection.

Each stone emits an energy of its own, and some will resonate with your own energy : this means that this stone is made for you.

You will find all these natural stones on the boutique , by clicking on the links or the images. All bracelets are handcrafted in bespoke natural stone beads and can be personalized.

As always, I prefer to specify it to you; there is nothing magical or miraculous about lithotherapy. It is a tool that allows you to know yourself better, to do an introspective work on yourself whose natural stones are only soft support.

I hope you enjoyed this article and that you learned a lot about these wonders that nature offers us.

See you soon for a next article and in the meantime, find me on my online store . and on social networks on behalf of the stones of Oussia.

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