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How to purify and recharge celestite?

Bérangère Maniglier

Posted on February 01 2023

Celestine or celestite geodes are bluish crystal cavities . They come mainly from Madagascar. Their crystals can have many shapes and their color ranges from light sky blue to pronounced sky blue.

celestine geodecelestine geode celestine geode

How to purify celestite, also called celestite?

Once extracted from their original environment, natural stones lose their ability to self-regenerate. That is why it is important to regularly clean and purify them.

Celestine can be purified by fumigation with frankincense or sage . Be careful, celestite must not be immersed in water; it would crumble.

How to recharge the celestite which is called, the stone of the angels?

After being purified, the stones must be recharged with energy. Celestine is a clear stone that may deteriorate on contact with sunlight. It must be recharged by the rays of the moon .

You can also recharge with their benefits in lithotherapy, natural stones, minerals and jewelry by placing them on a cluster of quartz , quartz crystal geode or on a cluster of amethysts .

You will find all the tools necessary for lithotherapy , on the shop . Do not hesitate to pay us a little visit...

See you soon for other articles on the wonders that nature offers us.

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