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Energizing orgonite flower of life tray, energizing, lithotherapy recharging station




This flower of life tray in rock crystal orgonite measures 11 x 11 x 1 cm and weighs 300 g.
The Flower of Life is a wave of form, sacred geometry, which allows you to recharge your minerals and stone jewellery. Not only does it have a double action of purification and recharging, but it is also valid for ALL stones. This avoids waiting for the full moon.

The flower of life crystal orgonite reloading tray can also be used for
put a bottle of water on it, to revitalize the food,
to protect against electromagnetic waves within a perimeter of 5 to 10 meters.

The effects felt can be :
improved sleep, decreased headaches, fatigue and stress, plant growth and other effects that depend on your body and environment.

To recharge your stones : place them on the Flower of Life for several hours or overnight.
To harmonize your interior : place the flower of life in a room to balance its energies.

What is orgonite? A combination of minerals and metals in a carbon chain, a precise assembly of selected materials.
It is an esoteric invention based on the work of Wilhelm Reich on orgone (also called prana, chi, vital energy or universal energy).
When the orgonites are within reach of a source of negative energy (electromagnetic waves for example), they transform it into positive energy.

All orgonite trays are handmade, which makes them unique objects.

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