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Labradorite pendant, the stone of protection, stone of the therapist



This magnificent labradorite pendant will complete your daily outfits and will nicely embellish your neckline. The stones are natural iridescent superior quality, from Madagascar. Be careful, labradorite has two very different sides and has multiple colors revealed by light or during movement.

Discover, One of the most mysterious and unpredictable stones !

Labradorite, called the stone of therapists and healers, is an exceptional protective stone. When it has exhausted its potential, it loses its color, sometimes becoming transparent, even cracking, but since its properties are great, it lasts a long time despite everything. An energy shield that absorbs the negative đź’Ą

The Scandinavian peoples and the Eskimos link labradorite to the aurora borealis, from which the gems would have borrowed their magnificent iridescences. For the Inuit, the auroras would have been kept prisoners in rocks located in Labrador.

Each pendant is unique and unlike any other. All our natural stone pendants are customizable.

You will receive your labradorite in a purse.

And if you want an adornment, you may be interested in natural labradorite bracelets , also available in beads.

To learn more about this stone, we invite you to read the blog article.

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